GAASA 2022 Updates

GAASA is a US Youth Soccer League in the Northern Ohio area.  If you are looking to affiliate and participate in our League, please reach out to our League Registrar or President.  

To all GAASA League members, clubs, coaches, players, parents, referees and assignors:

06/28/22 Update: The GAASA board held a special meeting and it was unanimously decided by all attending clubs that GAASA should no longer function as a operating soccer league, and all clubs should work with OHTSL to register and continue to play soccer with each other and other nearby OHTSL existing communities.

04/26/2022 Update:  Link to Report Game Scores with the Pin# previously emailed to club contacts and coaches: 

03/10/2022 Update:  Divisions are finalized and schedules have been uploaded.  The free reschedule period ends on 4/9/22.  After that reschedules are charged a fee of $100.  As a reminder please see the below information:

  • GAASA adopts OSA’s Safe Soccer Policy and distributes to its members
  • Provide guidance about appropriate and inappropriate behavior
  • Highlights Prohibited Conduct section

01/03/2022 Update: Spring 2022 League Calendar is Posted.  The link for declaring teams is now available.  Click on "2022 Spring Declarations OPEN" on the left side of this page.  Club registrations for players is now open.  Please refer to your email.

Referee Fees Use the Important Link for 2022 Spring Fees, the form is correct, except a recent approved change for when only 1 referee reports to a U19 game. (note each team needs to pay half of the fees listed below): 

U9/U10 - 1 man - $34 - 25 min half

U11/U12 - 1man - $40 - 30 min half

U13-U15 - 1 man - $50 - 35 min half

U19 - 3 man - $44/$28/$28 - 45 min half

Note: if only 2 referees show for a U19 game, the fees are to be split equally, $50/$50.  If only 1 referee shows for a U19 game, fee is $80.

Any teams wishing to upgrade from Grassroots level to Competitive level of play need to notify the League Registrar (LuAnn) via email.

06/17/2021 Update: This 2021 Fall season will be the inaugural season for GAASA as a OSA (Ohio Soccer Association) member league. GAASA is classified as a Grassroots Travel League, and as a part of this we adopted the following changes for the League to realign our rules with the Grassroots Standards and US Soccer Player Development Initiatives.

Revised Maximum rosters sizes:

7v7 = 12 (U9/U10)

9v9 = 16 (U11/U12)

11v11 = 18 (U13-U15)

11v11 = 22 (U16-U19)

Write-in guest players are no longer permitted.  All Guest players are to be added to the rosters in Demosphere prior to printing a gameday roster.  Maximum guests: 3 for 7v7, 4 for 9v9, 5 for 11v11 (this rule did not change).  Total gameday roster size cannot exceed max roster size, inclusive of guest players and eligible players from main roster.  A color official roster with photographs of all players is required at all games and an official gameday roster. Should a team violate the maximum guest player rule, or exceed the roster limitations, the game will be reported as a forfeit.

-2022-23 annual player fee $16 for all travel grassroots ages. 

-Coach fee $0 (background check / safety requirements / coaching licenses, are to be paid by club/coach separately). 

-New spring grassroots players pay $16

-Team fees are paid in both fall & spring season.  

Team fee = $80, U9-U10 

Team fee = $90, U11-U12

Team fee = $100, U13-U15

Team fee = $110, U16-U19

Above pricing will be for a GAASA Grassroots Travel 2022-23 seasonal year (Fall and Spring), which will be valid for in-league play only. Teams wishing to play in tournaments outside of GAASA, must upgrade to the OSA Competitive player pass, for an additional $14 / player fee (or $30 per player, inclusive of all players on the team). Upgrade can be made in either fall or spring season and will not be prorated for a partial seasonal year.  HS teams organized by clubs: fees apply as listed above.  HS teams organized by GAASA: Individual player fees will be $125/player to cover a uniform, field rental fees, referee fees, player insurance (recreational player pass), and team fees.

Register Recreational players U4-U8 with GAASA at $10 per player. Registration is for player insurance only and for an ability to guest play age-appropriate recreational players (U7/8) onto GAASA Grassroots Travel Teams. Recreational players, age verification and photo verification shall be by the state association, and club is responsible to manage all Club run Recreational game schedules (outside of GAASA). 


2022 Spring Declarations
2021 Fall Declarations
2021 Spring Declarations
2020 Fall Declarations

Important Links

League Calendar

LEAGUE CALENDAR for 2022-23 Season

LEAGUE CALENDAR for Spring/Fall 2022 Seasons

Event 2022 Day
Spr Team Declare-Open 3-Jan Mon
President's Mtg 8-Feb Tue
Spr Team Declare-Close 18-Feb Fri
Spring Preliminary Div 1-Mar Tue
Spring League Mtg (set Divs)  8-Mar Tue
7pm, Sync Teams    
Spring Team Registr. - Final 10-Mar Thur
Spring Prelimin Schedule 22-Mar Tue
Spring Roster Entered /  28-Mar Mon
Player Registration    
Schedule Change Deadline 9-Apr Sat
Final Schedule Posted 11-Apr Mon
1st Late Player Reg Ends 11-Apr Mon
EASTER 17-Apr Sun
Spring Season Starts 23-Apr Sat
Late Player Reg Ends 2-May Mon
League Meeting 7pm    
Spring Season Ends 26-May Thur
Spring Play-Offs 4-Jun Sat
Mandatory League Mtg  28-Jun Tue
7pm, Fall Declare-Open    


4-Jul Sat

Fall Team Declare-Close

10-Jul Sun
Fall Preliminary Divisions 14-Jul Thu
Fall League Mtg (set Divs)  17-Jul Sun
7pm, Sync Teams    
Fall Preliminary Schedule 19-Jul Tue
Fall Player Registration 25-Jul Mon
Schedule Change Deadline 6-Aug Sat
Final Schedule Posted 7-Aug Sun
1st Late Player Reg Ends 13-Aug Sat
Fall Season Starts 14-Aug Sun
Late Player Reg Ends 6-Sep Tue
League meeting 13-Sep Tue
Fall Season Ends 9-Oct Sun
Fall Play-Offs 15-Oct Sat

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