GAASA Red Division FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: What is the Northern Conference?

A: The Northern Conference, an expansion and restructure of the former Ohio North Premier League and Ohio North State League will implement a complete player development and competitive pathway.


As part of the player development pathway, Ohio North has incorporated a Red Division for travel teams to form geographical sub-conferences and participate in the Northern Conference.

· If a club wishing to participate in the Red Division and is nearby (within an average of a 60-mile travel of) an existing Ohio North member league which is already competing in the Red Division, the new club/team will be encouraged to play within the existing league.

· If a club wishing to participate in the Red Division and is NOT nearby an existing Ohio North member league, Ohio North will form geographical sub-conferences as an opportunity to help bring back new/former members.

Q: Why are there Divisions colors instead of levels of play in the Ohio North Northern Conference?
A: Many of our clubs already utilize colors to distinguish their levels of play.

· Blue Division: Premier level teams

· White Division: Competitive level teams

· Red Division: Travel level teams

Q: Is GAASA the Red Division?

A: No. GAASA is a member league playing within the Red Division. GAASA will continue to manage its daily league operations and oversight by its Board of Directors. GAASA has elected to partner with Ohio North as a member league and will welcome new teams wishing to compete in the GAASA Red Division if the team/club is in compliance with our rules, regulations and policies.


Q: What level of Play is GAASA?

A: GAASA has a large variety of competitive travel clubs which declare boys/co-ed and girls teams from U9 to U15 age groups for the Fall and Spring seasons. During the Spring season, GAASA opens its registration to High School aged players up to the age of U19.


Q: Will GAASA and Ohio North be using the same registration platform?

A: Yes. Both GAASA and Ohio North will be using Demosphere as a fully integrated system to simplify the administrative process with a single registration system, real-time background screening and participant safety compliance and scheduling solution.


Q: What scheduling platform will we be using?

A: Both GAASA and Ohio North will use Demosphere's scheduling solution.


Q: What are the Declaration and player/coach registration fees for GAASA?

A: Fees will vary between the Norther Conference Blue, White and Red Divisions. As an affiliated Ohio North member league, GAASA reserves the right to regulate and adjust its fees on an annual basis. Several factors contribute to the anticipated fees such as Ohio North, US Youth Soccer and U.S. Soccer player fees, insurance, associated operational fees, etc.


Q: Do Declaration and player/coach registration fees include referee costs?

A: No. The declaration and player/coach registration fees do not include referee costs. Referee fees are covered by the teams separately. GAASA requires cash payment to the referees, by each coach, prior to the beginning of the game.


Q: Do Declaration and player/coach registration fees include facility costs?

A: No, facility fees are not included. GAASA, requires all clubs to have access to home fields. If a club does not have home fields, they may need to rent fields and build this cost into their player registration fees.


Q: What is the commitment for GAASA?

A: Teams Declare each Fall and Spring season which allows for team promotion and relegation.


Q: Will the rules and procedures be consistent between the Northern Conference Divisions?

A: Yes. GAASA's intent is to align the majority of the its rules and procedures for consistency with the Northern Conference rules and procedures.


Q: What is the difference between club passing and guest play?

A: Ohio North uses the term "club passing". Any player registered in the club to a Conference team is eligible to club pass for another team in the same club, provided the player is age appropriate. GAASA's "guest play" is used the same way.


Q: If I have a team that participates in the Red Division with GAASA, can I use a Red Division rostered player(s) on my Northern Conference White Division team games?

A: Yes, Red Division rostered players may club pass/guest play with White Division teams from the same club.


Q: Can a player be rostered on their local team which competes in the Red Division with GAASA, and also play on a club team that participates in the White Division?

A: Yes, however if the Red Division team is promoted to the White Division, the player cannot play for two different teams in the White division and will need to choose which one they will roster with for the following season.


Q: What are the Divisions of play within GAASA?

A: GAASA forms divisions based upon the number of teams that declare. Each age class typically has from 2 to 6 divisions, based on the team's past season performance. Each season the divisions are reviewed by the VP of Boys, VP of Girls, and the President for promotion and relegation. The preliminary divisions are then reviewed at a league meeting to make final adjustments prior to running the draft schedule.


Q: What if there are not enough teams that register for my age group or declared division?

A: Age groups/divisions may be combined in the event of an insufficient number of teams per age group/level of competition.


Q: What kind of travel commitment can my team expect?

A: GAASA has a broad group of competitive clubs across Northern Ohio. Depending upon team declaration GAASA does their best to group teams that are geographically located to limit travel time, while keeping the competition equal for each division. At times this is not possible, and therefore GAASA has implemented a neutral field policy. We are encouraging all teams with a travel commute which is greater than the length of a game (inclusive of a 5-min half-time), to reschedule their game at a mid-distance neutral field. I.e.: if two (2) U11 teams are more than 65 minutes travel, they should contact another GAASA club (mid-distance) to host the game. U9/10 = 55-min drive, U11/12 = 65-min drive, U13-U15 = 75-min drive, U16-19 = 95min drive.


Q: How many games will teams get during a season?

A: Games are predicated on the number of registered teams within a Division. Each Division will get a minimum of six (6) games. GAASA typically plays eight (8) games per season.


Q: Will there be promotion and relegation?

A: Yes. Any team playing within GAASA is subject to promotion and relegation based upon their previous season results to balance the division competitively or for scheduling purposes. A team can request placement in a specific division to meet their own team development goals, however the final decision on placing a team in a division always rests with the GAASA Executive Board.


Q: Will there be a Play-Off?

A: Yes. GAASA will continue to operate their end of season play-off. End of season play-off performance and results are utilized for team promotion/relegation between seasons. Only the regular season games are evaluated.


Q: What requirements are there if our club has not previously participated with GAASA?

A: Please contact the GAASA Registrar, LuAnn Blazeff at for the GAASA New Member Application form and Member Information letter. A copy of the club's constitution and bylaws, as well as a club bond will need submitted for review by the GAASA BOD.

Q: What if I have additional questions that have not been answered here?

A: Please contact the GAASA President, Nic Olechnowicz at nic.o.gaasa@gmail.comwith any additional questions and we will update this page periodically to include your questions and any additional information available.